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Gambling addiction got t so bad I even took cash from my son to plaay fruit machines; Denise wen nt from dedicated mother-of-two to gambling obsessive who nearly lost everything. Here she explains how she fell then fought back.

Describing her recovery, she recalled another attendee: “One gambler told me she prayed every night for God to take her away; now she prays for another day.”

In talking with others, she began to find new ways to cope with life’s ups and downs.

That was her gambling money.

“My head was more clouded and one night I put money in the machine and it just solved all my problems. I gave up.

“I was so alone even though I had my family. Eventuwhere my wages wer arcade at lunchtime o” Soon Denise, previemployee, began to lolost herself in gambli”I was late back one and got a warning bu going back and gamb “I was always there became a person who who I could borrow m banks so people taking all my money ually it got to the stage re all burnt in the on the day I was paid.” ously a reliable ose track of time as she ng.

“But one night the bingo was shut and I played a machine. I deal with my problems now rather than running away.”

e day [from the arcade] ut it didn’t stop me from bling the next day.

“I’d phoned my dad as he was in Gamblers Anonymous and I said, ‘I need help’.

For information contact Gamblers Anonymous for free on 03700508881 or

“I put that on him. All rights reserved.

“I said to my husband, ‘I’m going to go to a meeting tonight’, and it was never discussed after that. In the morning, I started being sick.. I thought, ‘What a waste of five pounds’, but home got worse.

It was after this attempt on her own life in her late 30s that Denise found an outlet – a way of freeing herself from her problems.

She said: “We would go to Strathclyde Park and my husband would play the machines and I would play the bingo with no problems at all. Some of the amounts lost are eye-watering.

“My biggest regret is my son. It has given me some control back over my life. It’s not if they win or lose, it’s the race they’re addicted to.

Her struggle began long before she slotted her first PS1 coin into a fruit machine.

“Doctors gave me 12 hours to find out whether I would live or die.

“But help is at hand because lots of people are staying away from gambling and living full, productive lives after stopping.”

She recalled: “With my child’s behaviour, before I started gambling, I took an overdose. a Support organisation Gamblers Anonymous work with people from all sections of society whose lives have been taken over by addiction. ell head-first into a hat took over her life. Overwhelmed by her sense of helplessness, Denise, now 48, tried to take her own life.

A spokesman said: “People with vastly different earnings can become addicted, from footballers to those claiming benefits. My whole personality changed. The damage I could have done to him was unbelievable.”

“Gambling is very pernicious in that if you get your wages and go into the pub you’ll drink PS20 or PS30 pounds worth and get tipsy and you can’t do any more. It was great.

Denise still attends meetings and takes her recovery one day at a time.

“The minute I won or lost “The minute I won or lost there was no buzz, it was when it was turning, waiting on it coming in.

“My logic had gone.

“My next bet would take me straight back to where I was,” she said.

Denise has not gambled since her first GA meeting. pay Paul and it was just constant. Fortunately, in October 2007, she found another option.

“I felt like I was in the middle of a room and there were all these doors around me and I’d managed to shut everything out of my life and nobody needed me.

The mother-of-two, from Glasgow, was lost in the grip of an addiction that, for three years, transformed her into a person who even she didn’t recognise.

“[My husband] was just glad I wasn’t having an affair. I think that’s quite a common thing.

“I had never been in spending all my monejoint account and I wabout, but my husban because I dealt with a”I robbed Peter top n debt before but I was ey, all the money in the as moving money nd was oblivious all the finances. He was good with his money and I was going into his room and saying that me and my husband would split up if he didn’t give me money.

LOW Denise didn’t know where to turn

“You’re coming back late but you’re not drunk so the thought is, ‘Where have you been?’ I was lucky, he was supportive right through.

Growing up with a family of addicts, she had never learned how to cope rationally with life’s problems.

“He says he doesn’t remember it being like that but that’s what I did. It that could have happe”When I got paid I w PS10 in’, but I was goinand then everything. I couldn’t function at all.”


“I took an overdose of pills in the house. own and I saw the bled for about three day I went into the was the worst thing ened.

Denise began attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings six nights a week to keep herself from gambling again.

She said: “I was just re-educated about what was acceptable for my behaviour and what was acceptable for other people’s behaviour towards me.

“I wasn’t addicted to the money or winning – it was the spin, the uncertainty and anticipation of what was going to happen.

“I took that on really quite quickly and I’ve never thought about suicide since the day I went into that GA meeting.

“I remember thinking, ‘I’ll take a chance and go and if it doesn’t work I’ll just kill myself as I can’t live like this any more’.”

“I understand others are the same if they’ve bet on a horse. I had always been the person that looked after somebody else but it was about me then.

“Any time anything happened, good or bad, I just went gambling.”

“Now I know I can go to a meeting and help myself. The arcade I won PS500. I couldn’t cope, I thought life was too hard. I used to say to him, ‘You’re crazy spending all that money on machines’.

Denise’s marriage survived even the darkest days of her addiction but she has deep regrets over the impact on her family, particularly her son, who was 20 at the time.

The tipping point came when one of her then-teenage children began having behavioural problems. If you’re a gambler with PS200 in your pocket you can lose it in a minute.

“People think gambling’s about money but it’s not. It’s the same feeling as an addiction of any sort.”

From those early days of gambling, Denise fepowerful addiction th”I worked up the to arcade and so I gamb years constantly. m.

When the extent of her problem finally registered with Denise, she considered suicide again. I was lucky, a lot of people don’t have it that easy.

would say, ‘I’ll just put PSng in and spending PS50 “I’d go to different bwouldn’t know I was out in one day. Some nights I would come home and there was no food in the house and I had two thousand PS1 coins in the boot of my car, but that was gambling money, there was no way that was coming into the house.

COPYRIGHT 2013 Scottish Daily Record Sunday

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“I thought the overdose hadn’t worked so I told my husband, otherwise I wouldn’t have told anybody.

Byline: Clare Johnston

THERE was no food left in the house for her or her family to eat but the two thousand PS1 coins in the back of Denise’s car were strictly off limits.

Copyright 2013 Gale, Cengage Learning. He couldn’t spend his money for worrying that he was going to have to bail me out.

‘I’d go to different banks so people wouldn’t know I was taking all my money out in one day’

“It was as if it was taking all the pressure off me every time I put a pound in.

e for my kids but I o just wanted to see money from next.

LURE Thrill of the fruit machines

Gamblers Anon nymous putting lives back on track THERE are an estimated 450,000 problem gamblers in the UK, while further 3.5 million people are categorised as “at risk”

Horse Racing: Betting licence key as a racing revolution is plotted in Israel; BLOODSTOCK WORLD.

“Obviously the yearlings are coming in from a very hot summer and have primarily been in sand paddocks, so we will have to manage their grass exposure.

“Hopefully we will be able to turn them out during August, before breaking them in the autumn.”


“We were looking for someone keen to make an impression and George is prepared to give them the attention that we want.”. The Listed-winning son of Saumarez stands at Bally Stud, owned by Ilan Vered and Tamar Ben David.

The task for all those involved is mountainous, something that Paul Alster, who joined the Israeli Jockey Club as media director last year, does not need reminding of.

Byline: Nancy Sexton examines recent moves to make the country a big player on the racing stage

ATHOROUGHBRED population of 150, nonexistent funding and the absence of a betting licence may not be conducive to success, but the will to make Israel a player on the worldwide racing stage can’t be underestimated.

Copyright 2008 Gale, Cengage Learning. “We hold race meetings from mid-September to June and there have always been people breeding horses here in a small way.”

“We would love to hold bloodstock sales in the future. As Alster explains, everything hinges on the legalisation of gambling on racing, not least the breeding industry.

“The application for a betting licence is on the agenda of the Israeli Sports Betting Board, and as soon as that goes through, more money will come into the sport,” he says.

“Sending yearlings to Britain is the biggest step,” Alster says. For many owners racing is a labour of love.”


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

For more information on racing in Israel and Tabari, visit

“I knew George from my time working on the Betfair radio,” he says.

January also saw British-based Neville Ender step in as official handicapper.

For now, as well as being faced with the responsibility of bringing Israeli racing to a wider audience, Alster remains occupied with his duties in the newly established Israel Academy of Equine Studies, which prepares people for careers in all aspects of the equine industry. Most horses are trained by their owners but according to Alster, there are about 12 professional trainers with more than six horses.

Last weekend marked the first in a series of historical steps for the country’s racing industry when two Israeli-bred yearlings arrived at George Baker’s yard near Warwick. The prices for stock are very low but there are more buyers from eastern Europe taking an interest and during the last five to ten years people have been importing better horses in anticipation of the licence going through. If that were to happen, we would get funding and the prices would increase three-or-four-fold.”

The Stud Book has been in operation for the past 25 years, but hopes are sky high that Tabari can put Israel on the map. “His owner acknowledges that he is expensive, but he wants to attract the best possible mares to him.”

Rayzner acquired the stallion, a Listed-placed son of Sadler’s Wells from the family of Galileo and King’s Best, during a trip to Germany, and has a two-year-old from his first crop in training in that country.

Arik and Betty Rayzner are hoping yearling filly Pecana will help put Israeli racing on the map

Racing has taken place in Israel since the 1930s, mainly in the form of match races on farm land, but it was not until 1999 that the first public racecourse, Pardess Hanna, was built.

“The will is there to make racing in Israel a success, and the wonderful thing about it is that it brings every social group together,” says Alster.

In fact, it wasn’t until last year that racecards were introduced, while the regular use of photo-finishes was not guaranteed until January this year.

We normally break even but if we don’t, the Israeli Jockey Club covers the extra costs. Up to now, there have not been the people wanting to spend money locally. If all goes well, they will be the first Israeli-bred horses to race on British soil and thus be able to provide badly needed promotion for a country that did not start racing under Jockey Club rules until 1999.

“Most of our stallions stand for private fees but Tabari stands for about U2,000, which is very high for the Israeli market,” says Alster. All rights reserved.

“I think it’s very exciting,” says Baker of the project. The colt is the product of Royal Dutch, a daughter of Monsun, while the filly is out of Poco Pierna, a winning daughter of Ahonoora.

However, with a betting licence yet to be granted, progression is in danger of grinding to a halt. The fees that owners pay to enter their horses are put towards covering the raceday.

“The track is a melting pot of people.

Although the Israeli bloodstock market is very much in its infancy, breeders have recently upgraded their stock with trips to British sales, and on paper the yearlings in question could almost be European. “Once the betting licence has been activated, we can build up a future, and in ten years, I believe Israel can become a respectable racing nation.”

For now, it is up to Arik Rayzner and Tabari to open a part of that journey.

Alster, who also acts as racing manager for Rayzner, says that the decision to offer the opportunity to first-season trainer Baker was simple.

The project is the brainchild of owner Arik Rayzner, who stands the pair’s sire, Tabari, at his purpose-built Rayzner Stud in central Israel.

Today, the six-furlong round dirt course stages ten racedays a season including a Derby meeting in February. However, he covered only ten mares this year and for now, aspirations rest on stallions such as Supreme Commander, the sire of this season’s leading filly Vanilla Bally. Among those to have lectured at the academy in recent months is Irish trainer Eddie Harty.

The colt out of the Shinko Forest mare Asanine was the first Israeli-sired foal to be born in Europe.

Tabari also made the headlines earlier this year when a member of his third crop was foaled in Ireland.

He adds: “At the moment there is no prize-money or sponsorship

Unibet Group plc: 32Red Selects Kambi Sports Solutions to Upgrade Its Sports Offering

Kambi’s clients include Unibet, 888, Paf, Mediaset Espana, Egasa Group, Suertia, Napoleon Games, and Nagaworld.

Kambi Sports Solutions is pleased to announce that it has signed a four-year agreement to deliver a fully managed Sportsbook solution to 32Red. In addition, the agreement with Kambi will further enable 32Red to pursue its strategy in regulated markets.


About Kambi Sports Solutions

“I am delighted and excited that 32Red has chosen to partner with Kambi. The 32Red brand has strong heritage in sports sponsorship in the UK and our ongoing support of horse racing along with the recently announced association with Rangers FC demonstrates our ambition in the space. Kambi’s solutions are currently certified in Denmark, Malta, Alderney, Italy and Spain. We very much look forward to developing the partnership over the coming months and years.

This information was brought to you by Cision

More information about Kambi Sports Solutions can be found at

Ed Ware, CEO of 32Red Plc:

Kristian Nylén, CEO of Kambi Sports Solutions, commented:

. Kambi Sports Solutions is an eCOGRA certified supplier.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Kambi who we see as the leader in their field. This partnership will enable 32Red players to have access to a first class sportsbetting product online and across all mobile devices. Kambi utilizes a best of breed security approach, with guiding principles from ISO 27001. The 32Red Brand has strong equity and the business has ambitious growth plans in the sports segment that are aligned with Kambi’s vision. The agreement will enable 32Red to provide its customer base with an exceptional sports betting experience. The new service will be live in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Kambi’s sportsbook will be fully integrated with 32Red’s Microgaming platform, enabling the players to move seamlessly between casino and sport. This means that they are approved and audited by the SPM, LGA, AGCC, AAMS and DGOJ. Kambi employs approximately 340 staff and has offices in London, Stockholm, Malta and Manila. The agreement will enable 32Red to offer a significantly upgraded sports betting ( experience to its customer base in addition to facilitating expansion of its business.

Kambi is a B2B supplier of fully managed sports betting services on an in-house developed software platform

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From working at gas stations to cleaning chicken coops, these super hot celebrities had their fair share of odd first jobs.. more…

Celebrities’ Surprising First Jobs

Life was not always full of glamor and glitz for some of Hollywood’s actresses, actors and singers

Maximising your Chances with Fixed Odds Football Betting

So, whilst in practice we could stake say 10p per combination, that is a big stake for 18,000 lines and we would not cover it with a win on account of the fixed odds (even if the bookie would take the bet), though we would in all probability have many winning lines if there were say 8 draws in the results.

However, if we were to lay a bet of 3 draws from 10 matches (120 separate bets), or 5 aways from 10 (252 separate bets) then we would likely get much better odds. That is the second part.

Fixed odds football pools betting is not basically different to the treble chance – or is it? Any form of betting requires that you minimise the odds against you, but with pools betting we have opportunities that, for example, betting on horses does not offer. In a 10 horse race, you have odds of 10/1 of picking the winner. So, we need to have a slightly more sophisticated system of assessing team performance which takes account of recent results (but how recent?). The quality of the teams is reflected by their position in their league, when the season has stabilised and ‘all other things are equal’.

Then, we need a way of assessing each match in advance to arrive at a likely outcome, ideally being able to put a number to this so that we can compare one match with another and decide which is more likely to be a home win, a draw or an away win. This means that in general they will tend to lose against better teams, and win against poorer teams. Over the whole season (40 pools coupons), 45% of matches were home wins, 26% were away wins, and 27% were draws (score and non-score draws combined).

So, to maximise our chances of winning, whether it is the treble chance or fixed odds, we need a method to spread our stakes.  We do this using plans or perms, which enable us cover many combinations. That is the first part.

(c) 2010 Phil Marks

How Many Draws?

Generally, most football teams perform in line with their recent results history. After all, to forecast 3 draws from 49 matches on a random basis is quite a long shot (the odds are over 18,000 to 1). There are ways to reduce the odds and greatly improve the chances of winning. In some countries, fixed odds betting on a group of matches – for example picking 3 draws – is more popular than the Treble Chance (the British game of forecasting 8 score draws from 49 matches).

So, with a team performance measure, a way of comparing matches and the above statistics, we can start to ‘home in’ and where the draws might lie (or, for that matter, the homes and aways, if that is your betting preference).. This is because the odds are much longer; however, if we pick our 10 draw forecast carefully, then we can reduce the odds considerably, and still have the possibility of multiple winning lines.

Assessing Matches

Now, we could take the basic league positions as the guide to form, but this can change on a day to day basis for reasons unrelated to the team itself – for example by the results of other teams. With fixed odds betting, the bookie will have adjusted the payout odds to account (initially) for the likely outcomes, and the odds will drift depending on the stakes being placed. In this way we can arrive at a ranking for each of the 49 matches on a British coupon (which may of course cover Australian football matches during the British summer).

We Need a Staking Plan

Performance History

Overall these are just averages – each week will be different and there will be some unexpected results.

Analysis of the 2009-2010 British football season gives us an idea of what the average outcomes are

Do Casinos Cheat their Players?

this applies mostly to resort casinos and cruise ships. by the way, i hate to scare you but there is no such thing as an international waters gaming commission!

hard to believe huh?

2. in vegas, this is definitely a temptation for the house, don’t let anyone tell you different. now if a dealer is cheating somehow; let’s say he is simply putting chips into his pockets, that dealer’s win/loss ratio will go down. the house wants to take your money faster. this is a tough question, and there are two reasons a dealer might cheat a player, and no one is going to believe me.

1. maybe a few days, maybe a few hours. in some jurisdictions, the gaming commission has its own camera room of the casino, off limits to the casino’s own management. to compensate, and to stay under the radar of the number crunchers, that same dealer must in turn “steal” from players to level out his statistics.. at these places the house can be very aggressive in its efforts to empty your pockets. that is one of the main reasons there is a gaming commission there and elsewhere. as a matter of fact, the gaming commission has total authority over a casino and its surveillance. some casinos track their dealer’s statistics, wins and losses per hour. at these places, especially cruise ships, they know your time there is set and limited. this is more common and difficult to explain

Whatever next? UEFA brings out football dictionary

UEFA’s head of languages suggested to me that long-suffering wives of football fans might want to sneakily purchase a copy if they want to impress their husbands during Euro 2008. England coach Fabio Capello and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will meanwhile be delighted to know that Italian and Russian editions are planned should the first edition prove a success.

But there is plenty of material that regular fans might want to take a look at. I reckon some of the entries might justify those husbands taking a furtive look themselves though, particularly those armchair experts who like to claim a greater knowledge of the sport’s intricacies than they truly possess.

There are official answers for those who don’t want to admit that they still don’t understand the new offside rule, or when a free kick should be direct or indirect.

Overall I would say it is not a bad addition to a football fan’s bookshelf, although UEFA seems to be scraping the barrel for material at times.

If a second edition is ever published UEFA might want to ask if we really need definitions for ‘kicking with the outside of the foot’ (which amazingly means “striking the ball with the edge of the foot”) or ‘replacement of a defective ball’ (“exchange of a ball that bursts or is no longer suitable for play during the course of the match”).

Teaming up with German reference book publishers Langenscheidt, European soccer’s governing body has produced a dictionary with around 2,000 “official” football terms, handily translated into English, French and German.

You can’t help but imagine some wonderful uses for this important academic work.

Mark Ledsom, Berne

Cynicism aside, however, a quick flick through the pages suggests the dictionary might not be such a daft idea. which is heavily reliant on two wing backs occasionally providing width for the team when attacking.”

Today’s jet-set millionaire coaches will surely grab a copy as they seek to make their multi-national squads understand the latest training ground routine. UEFA acknowledge the book is aimed primarily at the sport’s administrators with entries covering areas such as security and stadium terminology, descriptions of sporting equipment, medical terms and phrases commonly used in sports management.

PHOTO: A Euro 2008 assistant referee attends a workshop near Zurich in preparation for the upcoming tournament, April 17 REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

When should he raise this?

Bizarre as it sounds, UEFA announced last week it was publishing a dictionary.

According to the dictionary, 4-2-3-1 is a “relatively defensive formation using a back four, two holding midfielders to screen the defence but also to initiate attacks, three attacking midfielders and one forward”. A 5-3-2 on the other hand is a “defensive system of play… Some concise definitions of tactical formations are also useful for fans who might know what a 4-2-3-1 looks like but not when it should be used.

Macau revenue drop augurs further slowdown

Online betting on soccer’s World Cup may have contributed to the first year-on-year drop in the enclave’s gaming revenue since 2010. Even if gambling revenue starts to rise again after the World Cup ends, future growth will be bumpier.

Yet rival gambling opportunities aren’t the only drag on Macau’s income. If the entire amount had been gambled on Macau’s tables instead, and the casinos kept a quarter of it, revenue would have been $161 million higher. Internet sites like, Tencent’s QQ lottery, and Alibaba’s Taobao have made placing such bets as easy as tapping on a mobile phone.. Shares in Macau’s six listed casino operators rose on July 2, although on average they are still down 11 percent since the beginning of the year. That streak ended in June, as monthly gaming revenue fell 3.7 percent year on year to $3.4 billion – the first drop since Macau started publishing the data in 2010.

Chinese gamers bet roughly 4 billion yuan ($644 million) on the global soccer jamboree in the period to June 22, according to official data reported by the Wall Street Journal. The opinions expressed are his own.

Even Macau isn’t immune to China’s e-commerce boom. More worrying is a downtick in high rollers.

For the past few years, investors in Macau only worried about the rate at which gambling revenue was growing: the upward trajectory was a given. And that doesn’t include bets placed with illegal bookmakers.

The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. Although the People’s Republic bans gambling, it allows state-run lotteries where citizens can wager on sports matches. Beijing’s corruption crackdown may be prompting some VIPs to stay away from casinos, though others may still come on their own steam as part of Macau’s shift to so-called “mass market” gamblers. A crackdown on the use of Chinese UnionPay credit cards in Macau may also have affected spending.

Part of that decline may be due to new competition from online betting as punters in China turned their attention to the World Cup. That’s okay as long as tourist numbers keep rising.

By Ethan Bilby

Investors don’t appear too worried by the latest data

Pictures – Sports Betting: Playing football parlay cards for fun and profit – Las Vegas Sports Betting

“Coach” Kevin Trumpfeller is an experienced handicapper and race and sportsbook writer. Connect on Facebook or e-mail your sports betting questions or suggestions.. Learn more about sports betting basics at Kevin’s Betting Bootcamp. You can find him in the busiest Vegas sportsbooks surrounded by big screens and excitement

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both parties with Mayweather set to sign and announce the fight particulars in the ….. Floyd Mayweather : No deal just yet

Floyd Mayweather Jr ., with reports continuing ….. Square Garden if a fight was set and whether ….. of the terms of the fight , and Arum acknowledged Mayweather will be the one to …. that’s not true,” Mayweather said when asked during ….