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A Denver sports writer got caught betting. Who gives?

A person can say they dont bet. I have to take a day off from reading any more indictments after pouring over that disturbing 25 page report. Information is key for investors and gamblers alike.

So are reporters crossing ethical lines using information they are privy to due to their time spent around a player, team, or sport? This does not even pertain to gambling sometimes. I, for one, believe the stock market and sports betting are parallel entities. I know this culture exists whether the betting is taking place amongst themselves in the newspaper buildings or through underground betting shops. Over half a century ago, sports writing and gambling were synonymous with one another. That doesnt mean they absolutely wont partake in it one day. He was able to deliver a commentary on the game without bias for 27 years. And I dont necessarily have a problem with it.

A couple days ago, a Grand Jury indictment from Jefferson County in Denver cited a former Denver Post sports reporter and columnist named Jim Armstrong for frequenting a Colorado-based sports betting operation. The business reporter should be able to deliver the facts on a company they cover. Writers like Armstrong also use such information to write a book on a teams season or a player biography. Some newspapers have policies enacted to prevent their writers from gambling, especially on the teams he or she covers on a daily basis. It just so happens he chose to bet in the wrong place.

. The fact is had Jim Armstrong bet in Las Vegas his name would have never found itself on the indictment. I plan on reading this indictment as well when I find the time. Whatever the sports writer knows, the wise guys in Vegas probably know as well in most situations. This is about an individual involved and a person who reports and comments on the local teams he covered.

I learned a few years ago from an anonymous poll that over 40% of sports reporters bet on the games and sports they cover. The grand jury indictment revealed 23 high-profile Denver businessmen had engaged in betting for several years. Business reporters are not allowed to invest in the companies they write or speak about in television interviews. Mr. Im sure Jim Armstrong had plenty of scenarios where he won or lost a bet on the Denver Broncos. Armstrong worked at the Denver Post for 27 years and was dismissed from the paper.

I read the grand jury indictment of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sanduskys transgressions with minors from a charity he helped found. This article isnt about the breaking up of an illegal sports betting probe. The online sportsbooks that cater to the United States are still an option as well. The writers are not affecting anyone but themselves from a financial standpoint. When they write their book though, there is usually a line drawn as to how much a team or player will permit them to use. Whether or not they invested in that company should not sway their ability to report the facts. That happens almost once a month practically from all the gambling news I check out. He probably would have kept his job and still been betting without the Denver Posts knowledge. Armstrong happened to be someone who gambled like many sports fans.

You cant convince me writers privy with critical information are not tempted to put money down for or against the team based on the knowledge they have at their disposal. Cross that line and the writer could find themselves in hot water.

But what if betting on a game involves your own financial risk and does not affect anyone else in the process? The only hot water involves the financial risk you took out of your own wallet. Some of the people involved had betting limits as high as $50,000. Now gambling is viewed as a distraction on how a writer interprets the game. Thats as close to insider trading as you can get, excluding the pathetic efforts of match-fixing or bribery

Risk Management – InfoBarrel

The concept that risk could be anticipated to a certain degree took hold and became prevalent. As systems grew, opinions about the inevitability of adverse risk were questioned. Although this ultimate end cannot truly be achieved in our uncertain world, the success rate of project risk management is astonishing when implemented properly.

The key to navigating the uncertainty inherent in systems that are constantly metamorphosing will be cultivating a realistic understanding of what risk management is capable of. Another prime example is social media. This principle will continue to govern the degree of success those responses will deliver.

This progression from simple methods of increasing the odds of winning a bet and safeguarding investments to full-blown analysis for the sake of controlling risk demonstrates a steady shift in the attitude taken toward the phenomenon of uncertainty in systems. Prior to established methods of addressing project risks, chance often dictated success, and history overflows with the results of that type of planning. The determination that brought about the successful methodologies utilized today must be channeled into flexible mindsets prepared to react to changes as they occur. Exceptional software solutions such as Monte Carlo simulation programs remove the guesswork by developing models and testing scenarios for risk analysis. Less shocking is the initial impetus for the development, which was to win more often at gambling. The goal of risk management progressively became monitoring and controlling risk factors to the extent that they could be rendered incapable of preventing the success of a project. Methodologies currently available can reduce risk management to what essentially amounts to a checklist. These foundations have evolved into many focused risk management strategies, but the underlying motives have always been increasing profit and reducing or eliminating loss. Modeling techniques like decision trees further expanded the discipline, allowing greater accuracy in planned risk responses. Over the centuries, the beliefs held about risk have shaped our responses to it. As these analyses became more refined, tools such as probability matrices were developed to gauge the impact of various risks. Before risk management methodologies emerged, incertitude was considered a certainty. The benefits are difficult to refute, but there is a potential danger.

Rich Pethia, director of Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Emergency Response Team, warns against what he calls “check-the-box compliance” when it comes to implementing information security technologies. At present, Facebook is the king of the hill, but the brief history of online social media has demonstrated a fickleness that must occasionally terrify the project risk managers of that company. Development of these advancements has been motivated by the belief that risk can be conquered. It is actually quite surprising how long it took for the mathematical basis for systematic treatment of risk to emerge. Unfortunately risk management is frequently underestimated, especially in the software development industry.

As technology and organizations became increasingly complex, risk management strategies adapted to meet new challenges with varying levels of success. The attitudes that led to current risk management strategies may very well need to be reversed to avoid serious failures in systems that are changing too quickly to assess all the potential risk factors.

In many ways modern civilization is defined by its ability to understand and control risk. Insurance was another financial tool designed to shield people from monetary loss. Some aspects of risk management are certainly fundamental and thus will always apply, but in systems that are being defined on a daily basis certain traditional elements of planning for risk will surely fall short.

This gradual transformation of assumptions concerning risk has produced approaches to risk management that allow project managers to prevent much of the chaos that formerly threatened projects. Stubborn adherence to prevailing approaches could prove to be just as detrimental to success as the now obsolete view that risk cannot be managed at all. Methodologies went from simply indentifying risk factors to performing detailed risk analysis. Options and futures were two of the earliest mechanisms for reducing risk for commodity buyers. From its inception the concept of risk management has centered on preventing the loss of resources.

The leap from games of chance to financial instruments took the concept of risk mitigation with it. Information security systems are only one case of emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt the established models of risk management. Pethia goes on to say that even measuring risk management progress in terms of benchmarks is difficult when it comes to security. The contemporary stance regarding risk management is that risk can be assessed, publicized, and effectively eliminated by revealing its root cause.. Information security, especially online security, is one of several increasingly unpredictable systems that does not respond well to cookie-cutter approaches to handling risk

Sports Betting: Playing football parlay cards for fun and profit

A $10 parlay winner at 10-for-1 odds would receive $100, while at 10-to-1 the payout would be $110.Look for ties win vs. A parlay is a collection of two or more teams (sides) or events (over/under) that you place a wager on and ALL must win in order for you to win. They offer the potential for a big payoff from a very small wager. ties lose.Look for $2.00 minimums. Good Luck!

Do you enjoy the thrill of risking the occasional dollar or two on a lottery ticket? Do you like pro and college football? Of course you do. Not to mention adding an additional level of excitement to the weekend’s college and NFL games. Not only must your chosen teams win, but they must also beat the spread. So why not combine the two for twice the fun and excitement?

What is a parlay?

Parlays are an extremely popular type of sports bet. For a beginner’s guide to football betting and an introduction to totals and point spreads read this article: How to place your first football bet at a Las Vegas sportsbook like a pro .

What to look for when selecting a parlay card:

Watch for payouts shown as 10-for-1 as opposed to 10-to-1. One loss is all it takes for you to lose.. Can you see why parlays are so popular?

What are point spread parlays?

Parlay cards offered by most Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks are point spread parlays. As a recreational gambler you are playing parlay cards for fun and risking small amounts of money that you can afford to lose. During your next trip to Las Vegas, put your NCAA and NFL football handicapping skills to the test and play a $2.00 – 10 team ‘ties win’ parlay card at your favorite casino for a chance to win $1,200 (or more).

Parlay payouts vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but typical Las Vegas parlay cards involving point spreads and totals are similar to these:

3 teams 6-1 (read as 6-TO-1)4 teams 10-15 teams 20-16 teams 40-17 teams 75-18 teams 150-19 teams 300-110 teams 600-1

Using this table, a sports bettor making a wager on a five-team parlay would win $20 for every $1 bet if all of the games or totals win

How to Teach the Hebrew Aleph Bet

I put piles in front of each group of children, and they have to work together to put the aleph bet in order. By teaching the Hebrew aleph bet in a way that differs from how their elementary school teacher approaches reading, you are setting the children up for success.


In addition, I also have the children act out Hebrew vocabulary that they have learned. We stretch, I teach them how to breathe, and then we review the letters we have previously learned.

Using Manipulatives

Aleph Bet Yoga

Each synagogue has it’s own books that they purchase for their teachers to teach the Hebrew aleph bet. You can find more at

You can also use small dry erase boards or Doodle Pros to help children learn the aleph bet. I buy the small party favor sized containers, typically on sale the day after Halloween in Target and Walmart. Chances are, most children are not at home practicing their letters between classes. They create their own poses and it is interesting to see how they interpret a word. Each Sunday in class, we use these flashcards for review and to learn the newest letter.

If you are going to teach the Hebrew aleph bet to children, you to have to make it fun. Always be sure that there are no food allergies before you pick a certain food.

Young children cannot sit still and learn…they need to move! Using the book Alef-Bet Yoga for Kids, my students learn a new letter each week. Children can glue these items to an index card or a piece of construction paper. First and second grade Sunday School children have a long and busy week when they are not with you. I ask the children to make the letter that I say, or say a sound and make the letter of the sound I say. First, my students go through the letters we have already learned by saying the letter and the sound it makes. There is a lot of supplemental material that you can purchase to augment the materials you are given to use.. For example, to teach the letter “bet”, the children can make a bet with buttons. The child stands up and goes through each card as I show it to them. This makes learning a multi-sensory experience.

By using these fun strategies to teach the Hebrew aleph bet to children, your students will master their new letter each week.

At, you can download flashcards for each letter of the Hebrew aleph bet. Then they “flash” you the answer.

Finally, I finish this activity to teach the Hebrew aleph bet by asking if anyone wants to be a “big brave dog” (as opposed to a scaredy cat). It is easy to check and see which children get it quickly and who needs some help.

Every week after I teach the children their Hebrew letter of the week, they color a pagewhile I read the story of the letter from The Aleph Bet Story Book by Deborah Pessin. Say the letter and have the children write the name of the letter of the board. We applaud the child who wants to do this and then someone else gets a turn. No one is forced to do this.

One of my favorite ways to teach the aleph bet is to use magnets in the shape of the Hebrew aleph bet, just like the ones we have for our English ABCs.

Flash Cards

You can also use Playdoh to teach the Hebrew aleph bet. Help is given as needed. We do this a few times and then I introduce the newest letter. For older children, you can have them use these magnets to make words.

Another way to teach the Hebrew aleph bet is to use manipulatives that match the sound the letter makes. We talk about it and then put the newest Hebrew aleph bet letter back into the pile and repeat the process.

To help the children remember these letters, I teach them mneumonic ways to remember. This way, the children see the letter, touch the letter, and hear a story about the letter. You can use marshmallows for “mem”, pasta shells for “shin” or candy Dots for “dalet”. For example, “bet” has a belly button, “pay” has a point, “caf” has a cough drop. You are only limited by your imagination

Casino-Gaming :: Horse Race Handicapping: Dutching

One of the greatest mistakes an investor can make is not properly diversifying his or her portfolio. Trubble9-110$10.00$100.00

Just print the following chart:

Dutching is the professional handicapper’s equivalent to portfolio diversification. It is not at all uncommon to see sizable fluctuations in the odds, especially at smaller tracks. The math for this is simple, but, in the interest of brevity, I am going to omit it here. This tell us what the market or pool says the real-time percentage chance each horse has of winning the race. By placing a varying win bet on each of the three horses, the dollar amounts being dictated by the odds, you will realize a profit no matter which of the three wins. For this example, I assigned a unit value of one dollar to each percentage point. You are confident that one of the three will be victorious but have no particular bias toward any of them. However; even when we win while dutching, we will always have some losing tickets with this method.

Pisces Pleasure3-125$25.00$100.00

As with the stock market, there is a certain degree of volatility in the betting pool.

In handicapping, dutching allows a bettor to wager on two or more runners, at different odds, in the same race. In addition, the profit will be approximately the same for each outcome, and you can predetermine it.

With a total outlay of fifty-five dollars, we would expect a profit of forty-five dollars whether Pisces Pleasure, Nostalgic Moment, or Trubble won. Adequate diversification will include an increased number of investments, allowing those with upward price movements to offset those with downward price movements.

Here is how it works: Assume that through applying a long-shot angle, you have eliminated the non-contenders and are left with three horses. Since dutching allows us to bet on three or four runners, obviously we have a better chance of cashing Xtra Winners. To negate these fluctuations, one should endeavor to wait until the last possible second to place his or her wagers.

So, how do we know how much to wager on each horse in order to guarantee a profit? First, we need to convert the horses’ current odds into a percentage. BETPAYOFF. It is covered in detail in my book, Handicapping the Wall Street Way: Picking Xtra Winners at the Track.

Nostalgic Moment4-120$20.00$100.00

ODDSODDSAMT. Although the value assigned is entirely at each individual handicapper’s discretion, it MUST be the same for each horse. The bets are made in proportion to each horse’s chances of winning, so that no matter which runner prevails, the payoff will be the same

Maria Menounos Strips Down After Losing Super Bowl Bet (PHOTOS)

Menounos wasn’t the only one who made a wager that involved removing clothes. Fiddy must have been happy his team won, even though he later told Yahoo that he didn’t plan on honoring the bet. Rapper 50 Cent accepted a challenge from a Twitter follower to tweet a photo of his penis if the Giants lost.

Menounos kept her word and donned a tiny red, white and blue bikini on air this morning, giving the crowd and “Extra” correspondent Mario Lopez an eyeful.

Check out Maria making good on her bet and the rest of her busy Super Bowl weekend:

Maria Menounos

Getty Images

The 33-year-old had an action-packed Super Bowl weekend in Indianapolis, ‘Tebowing’ with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and participating in DIRECTV’s sixth annual Celebrity Beach Bowl game. The diehard football fan bet fellow “Extra” correspondent and New York Giants fan AJ Calloway, that she would strip down to a tiny bikini in Times Square if the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. Needless to say, Menounos must have been thankful that New York is having one of its warmest winters.

Maria Menounos proved she was a dedicated New England Patriots fan by freezing her butt off in Times Square this morning.

Trading / Investing :: Calculate Pot Odds and Probability in Texas Holdem Poker (Page 1 of 2)

This again is a simply way to give you a rough percentage chance of making your hand. Any suit of 3 and any suit of 8.

Calculate Pot Odds

Counting Outs

Calculate Pot Odds and Probability

In Texas Holdem poker, when a bet is made on the flop, turn, or river, the first thing you need to think about is the possible strength of your opponents hand. This is not true. This rule simply states that on the “flop” you will take your number of “outs” and multiply it by 4, giving you an approximate percentage chance of improving your hand by the river card. As you can see, in Texas Holdem poker on the flop you multiply your outs by 4 because there are 2 cards yet to come, and on the turn you multiply your outs by 2 because there is only 1 card left to come. Keeping in mind that there are 4 suits to each card, my open ended straight would have a total of 8 outs. This will help in determining whether or not you have “proper pot odds” as we move on.

After the turn card has come, you now multiply your “outs” by 2 to give you the percent chance of making your hand on the river card. If we missed our open ended straight on the turn card, we now have 8 outs times 2, giving us roughly a 16% chance of hitting our straight on the river.

In order to be profitable in Texas Holdem Poker it is essential to understand how to calculate pot odds and the probability of making hands as the game unfolds. Keeping this in mind, you will then need to calculate the number of “outs” left in the deck that would give you the winning hand.

Page 1 of 2 :: First | Last :: Prev | 1 2 | Next

Calculate Probability. Many people who don’t play poker think you need to be some sort of math wizard in order to play the game. While it helps to be good with numbers, there are some simple rules that you can learn to quickly count your “outs” and determine your pot odds and probability of winning the hand.

Calculating Pot Odds in Texas Holdem poker will allow you to determine whether or not you should continue on in a hand based on the size of the pot, size of the bet, and number of players left in the hand. Keep in mind that this is one of many factors taken into account when deciding what play to make.

So whenever you look at your hand simply think to yourself which cards in the deck you need to improve your hand, and count these as outs. For example, with our 8 outs for an open ended straight, we can multiply 8 by 4 to let us know we have roughly a 32% chance of making our straight by the time the river card comes.

There is a rule used by Texas Holdem poker players called the rule of 4 and 2. For example, if I have 4 cards to a straight with the 4 of clubs, 5 of hearts, 6 of spades, and 7 of hearts, I can consider the 8 of clubs an “out” for me in the deck, because this would complete my straight. This number of “outs” is very important in Texas Holdem poker as we move on.

In Texas Holdem poker the term “out” is used to describe a single card that will make or improve your hand

Donald Trump regains control of 3 Atlantic City casinos

Ivanka Trump said the new company, which she expects to keep the same name, would carry about $486 million in debt.

“This is a great day,” she said. He was forced to relinquish operational control of the company and its three casinos as part of its emergence from its second bankruptcy in 2005.

“My previous investment in the company was destroyed by excessive and restrictive debt,” Trump said. But the company’s other two casinos, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, and Trump Marina Hotel Casino, have lagged.

Last week, New York developer Richard Fields, who had planned to buy Trump Marina, sued the company, saying Trump Entertainment let the property deteriorate so badly that no lender would finance it.

. “This reorganization changes all that. The Trumps and an affiliate of Beal Bank Nevada will take the company private.

The deal still must be approved by a bankruptcy judge.

Trump’s bid topped a competing bid backed by bondholders, whose refusal to deal with Trump in February led him to resign as chairman of the company and launch a drive to regain power.

Ironically, Trump regained control of the company the same way he lost it four years ago through bankruptcy. “As I have done in the past, we will make Atlantic City hot once more.”

Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February the third time the company or its previous incarnations had done so.

Its petition listed $2.06 billion in assets and more than $1.74 billion in liabilities. I am pleased that the reorganization affords me an opportunity to make a new investment and help revive a company that has borne my name, but not performed to my standards or been under my management.”

“My daughter Ivanka and I will work tirelessly to make this company great again,” he said.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and Dallas-based Beal Bank successfully fought off competition from bondholders in bankruptcy court to purchase the Atlantic City casino company he once ran and that has always borne his name.

Trump Entertainment Resorts chose Donald Trump’s $100 million cash offer late Monday night. “We are very excited about being back in Atlantic City.”

She and her father had resigned from the company in February after bondholders spurned his offer to buy the company.

Crushing debt has long held the Trump casinos back in dealing with the rapidly changing Atlantic City market, which is dominated by newer high-end casinos like the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, and Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City.

In recent years, the company has concentrated on its largest and newest casino, the Trump Taj Mahal Casino resort, which now ranks among Atlantic City’s better performers

Why Online Gambling Is Still Illegal In Most U.S. States

“We’ll take that anytime.”

. Technology to ensure a player is actually within the state’s borders have reduced false rejections – initially a problem – to a negligible issue. It did about 12 percent of that.

“The negative P.R. Over the first 10 months of this year, the Atlantic City casinos have already equaled that total, with their Internet gambling revenue up 17.6 percent from the same period last year.

Delaware won $1.4 million in fiscal year 2014; $1.8 million in 2015, and $500,000 so far this fiscal year, which runs from July through June.

Nevada stopped reporting Internet gambling revenue as a separate item at the end of 2014. Officials confiscated the money in their accounts, totaling about $1,000.

In New Jersey, Internet gambling was seen as a lifeline to Atlantic City’s struggling casinos. The Restoration of America’s Wire Act has been introduced in both chambers this year, backed by billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and could come up for a hearing next month.

New Jersey began offering Internet gambling on Nov. In March, Morgan Stanley cut its estimate of the potential U.S. Many credit cards wary of running afoul of a law banning banks from funding illegal Internet bets were reluctant to process transactions, but that has changed. In 2016, the group projects, nine states will consider legalizing it, though not necessarily act to approve it.

LEON NEAL/Getty Images

The industry still faces some nagging issues, as well as looming threats – including an effort in Congress to ban Internet gambling nationwide. Internet gambling market by nearly half, pegging it at $2.7 billion by 2020, down from an initial estimate of $5 billion.

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

At first, one of the main impediments to people getting online to gamble was funding their accounts. The third, Nevada, doesn’t report Internet revenue separately.

But a hoped-for wave of expansion has not happened as many states sit on the sidelines and assess the costs and benefits of the nascent industry.

“Internet gambling revenue in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey badly missed initial forecasts, which themselves were overly aggressive,” said Chris Krafcik, research director for Gambling Compliance, which tracks gambling legislation nationwide.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration, for example, had initially estimated Internet gambling would bring in $1 billion in its first year. (AP) — Internet gambling is slowly growing – but not expanding – after 2 1/2 years of online betting in the United States.

Online gambling revenue is increasing in at least two of the three states that currently offer it – New Jersey and Delaware. And it’s keeping most outsiders from gambling illegally: only two people were found to have successfully placed bets from outside New Jersey since 2013, Rebuck said. But for those that remain, Internet gambling often makes the difference between an up or a down month.

Wayne Parry/AP

“The market was smaller than a lot of people predicted, but the market is growing pretty nicely now,” said Tom Ballance, president of the Borgata, Atlantic City’s top casino and its leading online winner.

Internet gambling has generated $6 million in earnings for the Borgata over the first three quarters of this year, Ballance said.

“In Atlantic City, $6 million in profit is not easy to come by,” he said. Online poker, the only brand of online gambling Nevada offers, is just a drop in the bucket of the state’s $11 billion gambling market.

Online poker is the most popular form of Internet gambling, although the small number of states offering it has kept prize pools low. New Jersey says MasterCard is approving 70 percent of attempted Internet gambling transactions in the state, while Visa is at 62 percent. Less than a year after it began, four of its 12 casinos went out of business. ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. PayPal also recently agreed to participate.

From a legal and consumer protection standpoint, Internet gambling has proven to be reliable and transparent, said David Rebuck, New Jersey’s top gambling regulator. New Jersey has sought to partner with other states that might legalize it to offer larger, joint prize pools.

PokerStars, the world’s largest Internet poker site, will begin operating in New Jersey in the first half of 2016, and many industry executives expect it to grow the market, though how much remains to be seen. that resulted, fair or not, really took the wind out of the expansionary sails,” Krafcik said.

San Francisco-based Gambling Compliance predicts either California or Pennsylvania will approve Internet gambling next year, followed by New York and Mississippi in subsequent years. 25, 2013, and took in $122 million in its first full year

Caught on Tape: Elaborate Casino Scam Nets $7M

Smoker signals to the players one finger on the cigarette means to bet your hand, two means to hold your cards.

In surveillance video from a San Diego casino, obtained by the Sickwan Gaming Commission, it becomes clear how the scam by the group assembled by Phuong Quoc Truong, also known as Pai Gow John, worked, and eventually got busted.

They were effective because they recruited well. The dealer is arrested, the scam exposed, and the team is put behind bars. In the video, a man is seemingly innocently smoking his cigarette, but is actually whispering into a microphone in his sleeve, relaying what cards the dealer just dealt to a man on a computer in a car parked outside.

The dealer appears to shuffle the cards, but if the video is examined closely, the dealer, who is in on the scam, just puts the corners together; it looks like a shuffle even sounds like one but the cards remain in the same order.

As part of his deal Truong had to forfeit two homes in the San Diego area, a Porsche and a Rolex watch.

Counting cards at the casino blackjack table may have worked out well for the wolf pack in the movie The Hangover and with the MIT whiz kids that were portrayed in the movie 21, but in real life an elaborate blackjack scam has landed a gang in the slammer.

The rules of blackjack dictate that a player needs to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. If youre going to try something like that, you are going to be on camera and youre going to be caught.

In the surveillance video, the winner eventually attempts to cash out $25,000 in chips but has no such luck. The group made off with a total of $7 million from 25 casinos before they were taken down.. They went around the country and convinced dealers to cheat for them, Sycuan Casinos surveillance chief told ABC News San Diego affiliate 10 News. With the dealer showing a 10, the player stays put with 16 thats typically an odd move but of course, when you know what the next card is, its also a winning one.

Truong and many of the 30 accomplices pleaded guilty and are serving terms ranging from probation to almost six years in prison.

Next, Mr